Safeguarding your assets by design.

The knowledgeable design team of Ohio Valley Sprinklers will develop a fire-protection system fitted to your needs. Led by NICET certified technicians with more than 30 years of experience in fire protection, our team brings technical expertise to every aspect of a project to ensure the safety of your property.

In addition, our designers have achieved and maintain NICET Certification for Automatic Sprinkler Systems Layout. We consult with owners, engineers and architects to ensure that your system performs as expected, whether from architect/engineer-prepared specifications or if we design-build a project to meet your needs.

We classify the hazards that need to be protected and develop systems that will safeguard your assets.

With our vast experience, we have a deep understanding of fire-protection that results in absolute accuracy for the design and projected costs of your project – when we bid and design a job, we have it covered.

Over time, your requirements may evolve and insurance regulations may change, creating the need for modifications to your fire-protection system. The design team at Ohio Valley Sprinklers will evaluate your existing system to determine the most effective and efficient strategy to keep your property protected.